Jul 22, 2011

Science Scene - Another Flying Car :o)

The Model 367 BiPod is a dual-fuselage, hybrid electric car-plane, which engineers at Scaled took from a preliminary design to first flight in just four months. It made its maiden trip March 30, just before Rutan’s official retirement. The company says it has made several short jaunts off the runway at Mojave, Calif., building up enough speed with the drive train to take off without propellers, which have not been installed yet.

The roadable aircraft, which in typical Rutan fashion looks bizarre and awesome, will have two 450cc engines, one for each twin fuselage. The driver/pilot will get in the left-hand cockpit to drive, and get in the right-hand cockpit to fly, Aviation Week explains.
On the roadways, the engines will power two driving wheels on each fuselage; in the air, the engines will drive four 15kW propellers, one on each wing and one on each tail. Lithium batteries in each nose will provide an added boost for takeoff and will recharge in flight.
In car mode, it can go 820 miles on tank of gas and 35 miles on batteries alone.


  1. If you've seen how the hicks in Kansas drive, you'd be grateful that there are no actual flying cars yet.

  2. Cool, if not functional. Needs to be more Bond-like or Speed Racer-ish!

  3. Thanks for the post. I love inovation. I did not know anyone was working on a battery plane! And to beat all an auto also. I have seen the video's and ads for the all gasoline one. New to me, Thanks!!! Even old guys can dream!
    Jack In North Carolina


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