Jul 30, 2011


"Nobody rises to low expectations."

- Calvin Lloyd

I find that I treat this issue very differently in my professional versus my personal life.  

At work, we set high expectations, because if you strive for mediocrity, that is exactly what you will get.

In my personal relationships, excluding my wife and her immediate family, I have learned not have any expectations, that way, it is hard to be disappointed or hurt.  It has served my well over many years, and I do not see it changing anytime soon.


  1. This speaks to me. One of the quotes I always say is "I'm dying in a sea of mediocrity."

  2. Good point. Never thought of that too much, but as a builder, I had a personal philosophy, never expressed, except to my wife. I promised her I would never build a house we would not live in, including location. (Knowing that was always a possibility, LOL)
    Friends, we seem to have the same attitude. A good read.

  3. i think this is a good strategy- work outcomes tend to be measurable, quantifiable and are tied to things like productivity and we have to have higher expectations or it will be a slackfest. unfortunately, you can't put these same kinds of goals on personal relationships. you can't go to someone and say, i need a 10% increase in how you share, esp when bringing something besides cheetos to the family potluck if you want to continue complaining and eating uncle al's steaks.....


  4. Ken!

    I agree with you on this.

    Why is it that at work we set the standards high but in personal relationships/friendships they're set low?

    While it makes sense to me I still don't know why that's so.


  5. I try for medium-high most of the time. Keeps things interesting.

  6. Dream BIG! Makes everything worth the fight to get there.


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