Jul 23, 2011

Saturday Musings

Today is going to be dedicated to chores around the yard, and perhaps a cool amber beverage(s).

Speaking of cool amber beverages, Travel & Liesure has come out with their top 20 voted cities for craft brews.  The top ten are: Portland (OR), Denver, Seattle, Providence, Portland (ME), Savannah, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, and Nashville.  Click here to see the other ten :o)


  1. Well I could have floated a ship I guess, but never knew where it came from. Pabst Blue Ribbon and then Coors. I drank local beer in Germany and France. Never in the USA. But I have quit now, but there are times after a hot sweaty day, a cool one would be nice!!!


  2. Maybe I can talk Russ into meeting me in KC over a 'cool Amber beverage' at the Boulevard Brewing Company!

  3. What.... my brother's homemade stuff didn't make the list? Shameful.

  4. Nashville? Really? I knew there were some breweries but not list-worthy!! But then I don't drink beer.

  5. Portland, ME brew made it! :)


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