Feb 17, 2011

Shout It Out - Tequila :o)

The latest plant to gain biofuel feedstock status is the same one that fuels our margaritas.  The agave plant, most notably the source of tequila, could also soon be a new source of biofuel.  Researchers have discovered that agave is a very high-yielding source of biofuel and it would cause very little, if any, land use change.

Biofuel could be harvested from the plant as a by-product of tequila production.  Agave plantations that already exist for tequila production, as well as abandoned ones in Mexico, Africa and Australia that were previously used for fiber production and could be reclaimed, would be used to produce the biofuel without any land grab issues.

More testing has to be done to figure out which Agave species can deliver the highest yield and is most tolerant to the semi-arid regions where it would be cultivated, but it seems we'll be hearing more about this soon.



  1. Good. It's time to give corn a break.

  2. Now you have done it, Price of Tequila goes up with the price of Gasoline!!

    Some folk ain't gonna laike you spreading this rumor!!! LOL

    From RAinbow Springs FL

  3. That there would be little need for more land transformation is a huge plus. And it makes doing shots environmentally more responsible!!

  4. As far as I am concerned, they can burn the Tequila right with the biofuel! That stuff is nasty. Every time I drink it I regret it later. It's like once you start down that path, you just have to go all the way. I guess the dark side really is easier and more tempting.


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