Feb 25, 2011

Only in the Metro and Via the Interwebs :o)

The campaign to buy Detroit a Robocop statue, seemingly halted last week by Mayor Dave Bing’s lack of enthusiasm for the idea, has finally prevailed, thanks to modern society’s greatest force: the benevolence of Internet strangers.
Robocop’s supporters created a page on the fundraising site Kickstarter, with a goal of $50,000 dollars. They’ve now surpassed that amount, thanks in large part to a $25,000 contribution from businessman Pete Hottelet at Omni Consumer Products. Robocop fans may know OCP as the evil megacorporation from the films, but this OCP is real, and manufactures licensed versions of fictional products from entertainment, such as Tru Blood and Stay Puft Marshmallows.
According to the Kickstarter page, the 7-foot iron statue will be designed by Casey V. Westbrook.Imagination Station in Detroit has offered a piece of its property on Roosevelt Park to be Robocop’s new home, where he can look over Detroit for all time.



  1. Wow. Some good news finally!

  2. i heard about this.....i wish we could get the same kind of support in raising $$$ for the schools.


  3. Ditto Alaina... I find it ironic, unlike Philly's connection to Rocky, the one Detroit has with Robocop is entirely a negative...

    ... the character was created by a big technology corporation who had warped governement as was preying on the city as much as the criminals... can't forget that...

    ... a lot of people don't understand the way that spoils a lot of the positive associations that outsiders may have with Robocop... I for one, am not in favor of the statue at all...

  4. Who is this Robocop?

    Detroit need something. What it needs is a major FACELIFT and some JOBS!

    Let's make it the center of commerce again. SOMETHING!

    BTW I did not donate yet. I didn't realize we were raising money!

  5. Buzzkill...I always liked Robocop until I read Big Marks comment. LOL I still think a statue will be cool.


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