Feb 3, 2011

75 Years of National Wildlife Federation

DURING THE FIRST WEEK of February 1936, newspaper readers across the nation flipped open to an editorial cartoon featuring an army of hunters, anglers, gardeners, biologists and children storming the nation’s Capitol. At the fore, men armed with fishing rods and shotguns pluck a figure dubbed “Congress” from the Capitol dome.
“I’ve always been sympathetic to conservation,” he squeals.
“Sympathy is not enough,” they cry. “What we want is ACTION.”
To readers of the day, the style was instantly recognizable as that of Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jay N. “Ding” Darling. But as readers chuckled, Darling, an ardent conservationist, was leading a real-life crusade in Washington, D.C. On February 3, some 1,500 Americans responded to Darling’s call to attend the first North American Wildlife Conference. From Dust Bowl farmers to big-game hunters, women’s leaguers to Girl Scout leaders, they converged on the Mayflower Hotel. Before they left four days later, they had founded the General Wildlife Federation—renamed “National” two years later—and elected Darling its first president.
Today, NWF remains diverse in its membership and works closely with a network of 46 state and territorial affiliates that, like Darling’s crusaders, span the social and political spectrum. “NWF’s mainstream membership and vibrant grassroots base have always allowed it to reach out beyond the so-called green community to be a formidable force for conservation,” says Jim Lyon, NWF’s vice president for conservation policy.
I love the purpose statement: to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.  It does not get any simpler than that. I am proud to say that Nutwood Junction, our little corner of the world, is a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat.


  1. They need to simplify their logo a bit. (former graphic designer here)

  2. I definitely believe in conservation. BUT I also believe in common sense to accompany it.

    I think the key is common sense for the co-existence of life here on OUR home.
    Hope you have a great day!!!

    From Florida in the 70's & time to fish!

  3. I love that purpose statement as well.

  4. We're members of the NWF and also The Nature Conservancy. I didn't know the NWF's history.

  5. I always say, when people complain they're "just one person" to THINK global, but ACT LOCAL, and sounds like you do. However, I have to say there're times empathy and solidarity ARE enough, for those who can't do much more - as long as we're not full of apathy (which most are) and uneducated (once again, are) and too self-involved to care (are) but then you have the fiercely fighting few who will have the last say - cause we'll have the greenest, freshest food when it all comes down. Kudos.


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