Nov 1, 2011

Last Travel Vacation This Year.

We are off for out last travel vacation
this year.  First off is to head to Philadelphia, meet a long time online friend, then to visit Eastern State Penitentiary.

After our Philly visit, it is off to Manhattan and the Big Apple where we will be visiting another long time friend and visiting Ground Zero.


  1. I LOVE traveling in November. Have fun. Enjoy. Will be here when you get back. Be safe.

  2. Safe travels.
    I like New York in Ju....autumn!

  3. Have a great time, sounds like an interesting schedule. Keep it between the ditches, wheels down.

  4. You two have a wonderful time in Philadelphia, there is so much to see and do! Eastern State Penitentiary, excellent stop. I go to it at Halloween and it's ok, they try to hard to scare ya. The place is scary enough on it's own!!!

  5. Aren't prisons such a curiosity? They simply just aren't meant to be.
    Stay out of trouble in the Big Apple!

  6. Enjoy. I'm pretty sure that penitentiary is haunted.


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