Nov 15, 2011

Big Mark from Omaha

It was so great to hook up again with my friend Mark, originally from Detroit, but now a resident of Omaha.  We talked and got caught up on Saturday night while watching the Fighting Irish kick some butt, had a great workout on Sunday, and watched the first half of Da Bears on Sunday.   I am glad we left at halftime, because he may have put a hurt on me during the second half :o)  Just a couple of small guys having a big time.  Love and Rockets!


  1. Good friends. Great entertainment. Happy faces. Mission accomplished.

  2. I notice that you made sure to get the score in this picture!

    So glad you guys had a great time. I'm sorry I missed out!

  3. Ahhhh, great to have a friend, Okay, it is good for a big guy to BE YOUR Friend!!
    No matter how big you are, You can still use help!!!
    'tis good to see the friendship in the smiles.
    From Florida

  4. You were a good sport about it... the Bears came out for business and it showed..! Thanks for visiting and hopefully we will be able to return the favor and come see you and Beth at Nutwood real soon..!


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