Jun 29, 2011

Are You Lonely?

When I cam across the below referenced entry on loneliness, it gave me pause.  I know that even though I appear to be outgoing at work and in social situations, that is actually a learned response.  I am really an introvert by nature.  I find it so easy to spend my non-work hours without being around others, content in myself, my interests, and my home. Any errands are dispatched quickly, so I can return to our little sanctuary. As I target retirement in the next decade, people often comment on how I will never stop working.  They have no clue :o)

Below are some interesting thoughts regarding loneliness:

loneliness and solitude are different. Loneliness feels draining, distracting, and upsetting; desired solitude feels peaceful, creative, restorative.
Nurturing others -- raising children, teaching, caring for animals -- helps to alleviate loneliness.
many people need both a social circle and an intimate attachment
try to figure out what's missing from your life, if anything. The more clearly you see what's lacking, the more clearly you'll see possible solutions.
take steps to connect with other people if necessary. 


  1. This is precisely why I started the new blog. I realized that a lot of what I was feeling was loneliness. And I needed to explore options other than moving to Philly or NYC.

  2. I am introvert and need some solitude at home. I am active on blog and FB for social needs at a distance. Good post.

  3. I describe myself as an anti-social extrovert. I love people... I'm a very loving and caring person but I find social engagements draining. I'm happiest in my own little nest.

  4. Introverts unite!..oops...I mean...

  5. You sound very much like me.

    Though i seem, and can often be, quite gregarious, I enjoy being home, with just Carlos and the critters.

  6. Sounds like we're all very similar! I wonder if there is a correlation between blogging and introversion?

    I enjoy my solitude and never feel bored.

  7. I love seeing my friends when I can, but I love being home and reading or painting in our home without others around. I don't mind social situations, but I much prefer solitude myself.

  8. Thought provoking post. But it has been my experience that the more connection that I feel with people the greater risk I am for feeling lonely.

    I prefer solitude. I enjoy my own company. That said, I have also been willing to risk the peace and stability to include others to have a role in my life...

  9. I liked this, so many folks do not know the difference in Lonliness and solitude. Since I lost my hearing I enjoy the solitude.

    I WAS an extrovert at work and play, but now, nada.

    YOu will enjoy retirement, I tink I can see that!

    It is funny, many clowns are intorverts without the make-up. But then you knew that.

  10. Interesting post. My neighbors aren't friendly. Three of my friends have died in the past decade. My BFF lives 300 miles away. So I'm alone alot. Blogging has helped filled the void. I guess I'm content in myself, as you put it. I'm vocal and happy in a room full of people,too. But I love my solitude. So that makes me a bit of an introvert, doesn't it?

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