Apr 16, 2011

Happy NSAD

National Stress Awareness Day was started by the Health Resource Network (HRN) in 1992 to raise awareness of stress. The day is celebrated each April 16. April is also stress awareness month and people are asked to take a look at their stressful lives and deal with them in a healthy manner. 

To identify personal triggers, write down situations in which you feel stressed.  Techniques that work for many people for combating stress include deep breathing, exercise, laughing, massage, eating dark chocolate, and helping others.

Click the link below for other suggestions.



  1. I had to snatch your pic...i have finals coming up and thats exactly how i feel...lol


  2. I just breathe deeply
    or have a cosmo

    or breathe deeply & have a cosmo.

  3. ... or go for a nice run... I sort of think that physical exercise is one of the cheapest and most efficient way of dealing with stress...


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