Apr 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Earth Day is becoming one of the most important hallmarks in the world of conservation and recycling. It carries with it powerful connotations of ecological responsibility and taking ownership of our planet; after all, it is the only Earth that we have, and taking steps to lessen the impact that you and your fellow man have on it is nothing short of revolutionary.
Earth Day gives those people who have not taken part in recycling the opportunity to make changes to their lives and their community that they will cherish for a lifetime.  Many organized groups have adopted a pay as you throw program in their local communities.

Take the time today to clean your yard, search the paper for local events, look up recycling centers and what they accept.  Every day is earth day, but today is a reminder to take the time to make it real.



  1. In honor of Earth Day... I do my shopping with reusable bags. One small thing I can do to make a difference.

  2. Good reminder. We need an Earth MONTH.

  3. Ken, thanks for putting up a reminder post. Earth Day is sadly underrepresented in the online realm today. Not a good sign.

  4. Happy Earth Day. Nice to see an Earth Day post. I expected more chatter about it on the blogosphere, but it was rather quiet.

  5. I'm vegan now & I do believe that helps to a degree, but I've got lots of work to do in other areas. Excellent reminder.~Mary

    ps hope your mom is doing well.


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