Dec 31, 2010

A tradition continues :o)

Today was nice.

I picked my Mom up and we went out for a great lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, Margaritas included :o)  Then it was off to the movies.  What did we see, Disney's Tangled.  Why you might ask?

Since high school, I am the only one that will take my Mom to a Disney movie.  It has become a nice mother-son bonding experience, and now that she lives here again, we have resumed our tradition.

While not movies I would pick now (used to take the kidlets to these types of movies, but that was quite a few years back), we always have fun, and frankly, they do a pretty good job these days.  There are just enough references and jabs added that are at an adult level that you chuckle throughout the movie.

This is a tradition that I will happily continue for many years :o)


  1. Small traditons like that create an enviroment to bond over and remain familiar with what makes a relationship special. I think that it is way cool that you and your Mom have the opportunity to bring back your tradition. (btw, I want to see 'Tangled' too!)

  2. Love the entry, It is nice to have Mom and enjoy her company, won't always be so!

    So hold her near during this coming Happy New Year!!!

  3. She'll always remember your "Disney bonding" and so will you. Happy New Year.

  4. sometimes the things i miss most about not having a 'real mom' is this kind of stuff- i think it's awesome that something so simple means so much to both of you, and i hope that someday when we live closer to tony's folks i can have special stuff like that with his parents.

    happy new year!


  5. What a sweet thing to do with your mom. Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY, NEW YEAR.

  6. What a great tradition! Great mom-son time :)

  7. That was a sweet treat! I love the kiddo movies myself, everyone needs to laugh!


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