Dec 6, 2010

Are You Committed?

Commitment: that “subtle little thing” that is not such a “little thing.”  We know when we have it; we know when we don’t.  

Commitment means we get people to get results for their own reasons verses compliance, which means we get others to do things for our reasons.  Some people call it getting “buy in.”  Some people ask, “How do I empower my team?”  

The answer again; commitment! Committed people get more results, more efficiently, with fewer mistakes, while building better relationships, inspiring higher levels of trust, and communicating more effectively.  Committed people also respond to feedback better, have greater accountability, they enjoy what they are doing and also enjoy working with others in the process.  

How do we get ourselves committed and stay committed? How do we engage others to get committed and then build on their level of commitment? 

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  1. I think we're in an era of 'iffy' commitment.


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