Jul 10, 2018

Cycle 1 of Lymphoma Chemo Treatment Complete - Homeward Bound

Image result for new smyrna beachWhat started out as our annual "Vegecation", turned out to be quite an ordeal.  When we left, I knew I had Dr. Appts to address a swollen lymph node, but it had biopsied negative for cancer.
As we were driving down over our two days, I found myself being a little less stable on my feet, and my eyesite with the bright lights impacted.  During the stay at our Vacation Club condo, I found myself feeling worse and worse, with little appetite. 
With our week being a bust, we decided to leave a day earlier than planned.  Beth had to load the truck because of my dizziness (she has been super warrior on this ordeal!!!).  On the way out, I collapsed and 911 was called. This was at about 11:30AM on Friday, June 15.
At New Smyrna Beach hospital, I was diagnosed of being at 98% Blast (white blood cell loading), lymphoma, and renal failure due to extreme dehydration.  After some outstanding doctoring and nursing, I was stable enough to be transported to Shands Cancer Hospital in Gainesville Florida. 
Saturday June 16 - Monday June 18, I was in ICU where the focus was on pulling labs, getting my blood pressure and pulse oxygen under control, and getting out of renal failure.  
June 18 - June 20th was Oncology performing labs, bone marrow biopsy, and finally the diagnosis: Lymphoma in a leukemic phase.  In other words, the lymphoma was throwing off so many white cells that it presented in the blood, mimicking a true leukemia.  
June 21 commenced Cycle 1 of my Chemotherapy, four days continuous IV infusion, then a one day special infusion to try and kickstart the auto-immune system.
June 26 - July 10 was spent monitoring, balancing electrolytes, fighting fevers, antibiotics for infections, etc. Released this afternoon and Beth and her sister (arriving tonight), are going to get us back to South Bend.  
5 Cycles to go with Michiana Hematology Oncology. starting Monday, July 16.


  1. El Sucko, Bucko. Now we know what we are working with, have a plan, and on our way. Sending all the good juju. All my love to you and Wee B.

  2. ...I step away from my journals and things go crazy..! Looking forward to hearing from you, dear friend..! Love you.!!

  3. WOW Sorry to hear this, but great you are headed home. Trusting you will get really stable and back to normal. Positive thoughts my friend. It is wonderful you have such a supportive mate.. Good stuff!

  4. sending prayers your way. hang tough.


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