Apr 14, 2013

Cruddy Weekend...

surviving the creeping crudAfter striving valiantly through the week to fight off the creeping crud, it hit full force Friday night (sorry Honey!).  In an effort to celebrate a few wins at work, and to try and kick the cold, I indulged in some Bourbon (thanks Mom!).

Saturday was mostly a wasted day, although I did attempt to sweat it out with 75 minutes on the elliptical.  Later in the evening, I did manage to get in a few hours of work, and we got caught up on the Bates Motel series on A&E.  Dinner consisted of leftovers of beans, rice, beef and a healthy helping of Jalapeno sauce (again an effort to beat this thing).

After watching the last hour of SNL, Dr. Beth sent me off to bed with some Mucinex and I had a much better night.  Today was a better day, had a great chat with our friends Kim and Steve from Central California, getting caught up on the latest happenings and such, and discussing a potential West Coast trip next year.

I had a friend (L&R to you Mark) inquire this week whether everything is OK here at Bucko's World.  Let me assure you that things are great, the new job is going well, I have been assimilated into the management team and I love the company and the people I work with. Working the long hours is so much more fun when you want to, versus because you have to...

In about a week I will be at a Fire Department Instruction Conference, being out of pocket for a week.  Looking forward to being at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Convention Center to see all the advances in Fire Fighting, and I will even have the chance to witness some live fire exercises.

In May we have SmashMouth and Rolling Stones concerts, July is our Vegecation in Florida, August is a Cubbies weekend, and October is New Orleans.  Spring is budding, I have an awesome wife, a great job, and Nutwood Junction is our sanctuary.  As Beth says, carry on citizens :o)


  1. Hope the creeping crud goes away or stays at bay with the meds. Sounds like life is treating you well otherwise. Good news, indeed.

  2. It is so good to get the report of all is well and even better at work, but sorry to hear of the bout with the creeping crud. But my friend you said a mouthful:
    "Working the long hours is so much more fun when you want to, versus because you have to..."

    One of the greatest feeling for a working person. I remember when I really found that job, I hated to quit for the day and couldn't wait to go back.

    Anyway hope you get to feeling much WELLER!
    From NC

  3. Feel better soon!

    Glad your job is going well. It means the world when you are driving to a job that you actually like. I know what it was like once going to a job I hated.........it was not good.

  4. Good to hear things are going good,feel better soon!

  5. i drink hot cider vinegar mixed with water, hot sauce, and honey. it helps loosen everything up. hope you feel better soon!


  6. I've had head and chest crud for about a week now too. Been taking Mucinex DM and lots of hot tea and Vick's. I guess I'm going to have to break down and go to my doctor.


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