Aug 1, 2011

Stay Cool :o)

Right after home heating, home cooling uses the most energy for most residential electricity customers. That means there are lots of opportunities to save energy and money by taking some simple steps, and still keep comfortable this summer. 
  • Plant a deciduous shade tree near your home to control the amount of sun that reaches your house. Choose a tree that is the appropriate size, shape and density.
  • Repair and weather-strip air leaks in the home – about 10 to 25 percent of energy used to cool homes escapes via air leaks. Areas to check include dropped ceilings, recessed lighting, attic entrances, sill plates, water and furnace flues, all ducts, door frames, chimney flashing, window frames, electrical outlets and switches, and plumbing/utility access.
  • Increase your attic insulation if joists are showing. Most U.S. homes should have between R-30 and R-60 insulation in the attic. R-30 is 11 inches of fiberglass or rock wool, or 8 inches of cellulose.
  • Install a programmable thermostat; set it higher when you are away.
  • When you are home, set your thermostat to 78 degrees.
  • Install ceiling fans to circulate cool air throughout the house.
  • Maintain consistent temperatures in the house.
  • Shade your windows with light-colored shades to reflect heat.
  • Close draperies and shades on south-facing windows to block sunlight and heat during the day.
  • Install awnings on windows that get excessive sun in the late afternoon.
  • Move furnishings away from floor or return air vents.
  • Hang laundry to dry instead of using the dryer’s full cycle. Use the dryer’s fluff cycle to soften any stiffness.
  • Use a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven.
  • Avoid using heat-producing appliances such as ovens or dryers during the hottest parts of the day.


  1. 78 degrees??That's insane. Give me 69 minimum.

  2. Yeah, I think 78 was a typo... I feel like I am baking indoors at 78 degrees... the sun turns my little apartment into a convection oven!

  3. we do all these things except the thermostat one, we have to set the window ac between 74-70 to cool the rest of the a/c 'ed part of the house.


  4. People say we're crazy, but we keep our thermostat at 81-82 in summer. With ceiling fans in most rooms, this actually keeps the house quite cool.

  5. Like the advice, but the cat has the best idea!!!!
    From NC
    Jack & Sherry

  6. So should we plant more trees? haha

  7. GREAT ideas. Except our thermostat is never at 78. LOVE the cat pic.


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