Sep 19, 2010

Talk Like A Pirate Day :o)

September 19th (every year)

is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

The dictionary defines "savvy" as "wisdom, understanding." Used as a question,it can be taken to mean "get it?"  Lasses, do not be offended, after all, it is Talk Like A Pirate Day :o)

S-is for the way you SASS my way!
 A-is for the ASS I kicked today!/
V and V-is VERY, VERY,/ stuck on how you're scary
Y-is for your YAP that's flappin'/ cuz ye won't shut yer trap and ...

SAVVY is just how bright you seem to me./ SAVVY an understanding wench, ye be. 
Our love stands the measure 
You know you're my buried treasure 
SAVVY is why you've chosen me!

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  1. that is a cute little poem :O) ~ Ally x

  2. Great, I think I'll let my nephew know. He loves talking like a pirate, matey!

  3. Don't forget to change your facebook language!!!

  4. Aye matie, is it that time o' year already? I'd swear to ye it seems like I just put me eye patch away and 'ere we are agin. Well shiver me timbers! Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day" to ye, the whole lot o' ye.

  5. I forgot it was Pirate talk day. Thanks for the reminder! I better go tell my parrot.


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